Remote working

Our mission: provide accessible, intuitive and edge software solutions to small and midsize businesses.

Remote working powered by Limitless Software

  • Open-source based solutions;
  • Linux + Shorewall (firewall) + OpenVPN for security and VPN;
  • Windows server + RDP + AD for Windows client support;
  • Cloud or on premisses solutions
  • Accesible for small and midsize businesses;
  • Support and maintenance in Ro and Eng.

Why Remote working in small and midsize businesses?

  • Time and money saving;
  • Draw from a larger talent pool;
  • Increased productivity;
  • More motivated employees;
  • Environmental friendly.

Our solutions: Remote working powered by Limitless Software it’s a complete solution for connecting your team to work together anytime, anywhe

We provide for any business accesible, simple and intuitive solutions that can help people make their job easier and better.

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